åKompani Advertising & Sign Production AB was founded in 1996, is today 7 employees and a turnover of approximately 14milj. In Vattenkraftsvägen 11 D (Skrubba) i Stockholm, we have our own production, offices, studio and vehicle graphics studio. We now have a modern printing and cutting equipment for most rollable material vinyl , wallpaper , paper, back a little more.
Our machinery includes:
  • Printer HP Latex 570.
  • Zund flatbordsskärare full width.
  • Roll Plotter Mimaki cut full width.
  • Roll Plotter Summa cut full width
  • Roll Roller application table.
  • Fotoba fullbreddsskärare for cutting materials that require 100% cut edges.
  • Flexa cold and hot laminator.
åKOMPANI included in Sign DPM Group with offices in Malmö, Borås, Linköping, Järvsö and Stockholm.
Together we have a turnover of about 50 million and deliver throughout the Nordic region.

Sign Group DPM